Killer Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Procrastinators


Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re a procrastinator, that means you haven’t bought any gifts yet. The holidays put you under a lot of pressure: you have to buy new clothes, organize dinner, and buy gifts for your loved one. If you left gift shopping till the last minute and you need cool ideas, look no further. This list combines killer Christmas gift ideas that will amaze your loved ones.

1) Gift card

If you don’t know what they like, just get them a gift card from the mall!

2) Succulents

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Add colors to your coworker’s desk with a small succulent. The best part is that you do not need to water them often.

3) Travel pillow

If they travel a lot, they will appreciate this pillow, which will bring comfort to their trips!

4) Metal straw pack

It’s a unique gift that your environment-conscious friend will love! Reusing metal straws instead of using plastic ones is a wise choice that reduces their carbon footprint and helps the environment, one metal straw at a time!

5) Travel skincare kit

Travel can cause skin breakouts. If your friend travels often, a travel skincare kit can come in handy since it will keep their skin smooth and healthy.

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